BDN 511

Cutting under toughest conditions

  • Safe, with a unique and powerful overload electronic
  • Electronic control to prevent overload, therefore no waiting time until the motor can restart
  • Low operating cost through an electronic and a mechanical clutch
  • Electronics for a smooth start and an LED light for optimal cutting efficiency
  • Dust-free milling with excellent dust suction device, Ø 38 mm
  • 11 diamond cutting blades for bridgeless milling up to 50 mm wide and 25 mm deep
  • 2.400 Watt power and best rotation speed for extensive milling in the hardest of materials without effort
  • All cutting depths possible in one step with 11 diamond cutting blades
  • Blade collar 22,23 mm
Part No. : 10999327
Nominal Power : 2.4kW
Speed : 7800 rpm
Max. Blade qty and size : 11 x 150mm
Cut Width : 50mm
Cut Depth : 25mm
Weight : 6.5kg

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