Tyrolit Group

TYROLIT is one of the world's leading manufacturers of grinding, cutting, drilling and dressing tools as well as machines for the construction industry.

Embedded within the dynamic Swarovski Group, Tyrolit Australia is one of the largest supplier for innovative solutions in grinding, cutting, sawing, drilling machinery and tools. Originally founded as Castle tools in 1984, Tyrolit Australia has been in the Australian industry for over 30 years. Our experience and knowledge in the field as well as the support of the century old Tyrolit Group, allows for Tyrolit Australia to remain dedicated to manufacturing only the very best diamond tools and equipment.

The family-owned company, which was founded in 1919 and is a member of the Swarovski Group, is based in Schwaz, Austria, and currently has over 4,480 employees at 29 production locations in 12 countries and on five continents. TYROLIT’s Metal and Precision, Industrial Trade, Construction and Stone – Ceramics – Glass divisions manufacture 80,000 different products. They are offered to customers all over the world by 36 sales companies and additional distributors in 65 countries.
TYROLIT products grind, cut and drill almost any material of any hardness using advanced technology from Tyrol. The experts at TYROLIT are known throughout the world for mastering a wide variety of challenges and are hightly sought-after partners in the development of new and innovative solutions.

A family-run company since 1919

As a member of the dynamic Swarovski Group, TYROLIT enjoys the independence it needs to successfully achieve long-term corporate goals. At TYROLIT, we strive to impress internal and external target groups, and to cultivate fair, lasting cooperation with them based on partnership. To this end, we continually optimise the quality of our products and services, and constantly adapt our business processes to the changing demands of the market. Investment in research and development, in training our employees and in technological improvements is an integral component of TYROLIT's company management. The introduction of global supply chain management ensures punctual delivery to customers around the globe. Since 1919, the sustainable handling of resources, the assurance of a safe working environment and compliance with legal requirements have contributed to the company's positive development.

TYROLIT provides its customers with cost-effective and "green" solutions in four business units. What's more, with its global sales network and a team of experienced application engineers, TYROLIT offers top-quality service.

part of the swarovski group


World's leading producer of cut crystal,
jewellery, accessories, lighting
and interior crystal design.

Founded 1895 - in Wattens / Austria


World leaders in Diamond Tools and Equipment. Providing innovative concrete cutting, drilling and polishing solutions

Founded 1919 – in Wattens / Austria


Specialist for long-range precision sports optics, binoculars, telescopes, rifle scopes, optronic instruments,range finders and image intensifier tubes.

Founded 1949 – in Absam / Austria

Swarovski Optik