BC-2 Electric System

Core drill holes up to Ø 1,000 mm

Product / User Benefits

  • Ideal for carrying out large hole drilling
  • User-friendly working due to lightweight construction method using the 2-column guiding principle
  • Convenient operation using two-speed feed gearbox
  • Combined use of Tyrolit Hydrostress wire saws and hydraulic drilling is easy to achieve thanks to modular design
  • Large selection of drilling accessories
  • Drilling of reinforced concrete, masonry and diverse construction materials
  • Installation technology: Openings for cables, pipes and shafts
  • Fastening technology: Installation of openings for anchors and dowels
  • Support for wall and wire saw applications: Corner drilling to avoid overcuts or drilling holes to lead through wire
  • Stitch drilling: Alternative to cutting applications
Drill Ø range :100-400mm
Max Drill Ø with distance plate :1000mm
Max drill bit length :980mm
Length :460mm
Width :290mm
Height :1340mm
Weight :30kg