Meet the “World’s most sustainable shopping centre”

Posted on 08 January 2020

Burwood Brickworks Shopping Centre, now open in Melbourne is a unique community hub with localised specialty stores across food and dining, entertainment, retail services and health and wellbeing. The focus of this project has been to serve the community while minimising its carbon footprint. This has led to several sustainable features in the complex such as a rooftop farm with up to 11,000 plants and a quail coop.

One sustainable feature is the polish concrete floor on the top level.

Floor grinding on this level takes a powerful machine, with the HTC800 RX utilised for a smooth and glossy finish. The 800 RX is perfect for large areas, but still small enough to tackle projects in tight spaces. Only one person is needed to manage the grinder and dust extractor, because the machine is operated by remote control. With features such as battery backup power, it can be loaded from a trailer without connected power.