Wire Saw WCE14***

Overall rope length 14.2 m

    Product / User Benefits

  • Extremely large wire storage and long travel to give the greatest possible application and use
  • Maximum size of unit up to 11 m
  • Fine feed for application control using innovative damping system
  • Electric soft start allows a slow start for the wire and guarantees extreme safety
  • Patented drive roll system
  • Part of the modular TYROLIT Hydrostress system: Main motor, control and remote control also installable for the wall saw and drilling applications

    Fields of Applications

  • Cutting of reinforced concrete, masonry and diverse construction materials
  • Controlled deconstruction as well as demolition, rebuilding and renovation works in civil engineering
  • Cutting of fundaments, pipes, piles and bridges
  • Operation for large cutting depths and cutting lengths as well as within limited space conditions
  • Installation of openings for doors, windows, shafts, etc.

Technical Data

Wire storage : 11m
Overall wire length : 14.2m
Wire Ø, sintered : 11m
Wire Ø, galvanised : 10m
Power 16A : 8kW
Power 32A : 17kW
Voltage : 400V
Frequency : 50Hz / 60Hz
Weight : 22kg
2 drive rolls Ø 200mm
Diverter rolls Ø 200mm
Feed wire storage using electric motor
Height : 1517mm
Width : 615mm
Depth : 798mm
Weight without drill rig : 83kg
Weight with drill rig DRA500*** : 109kg