TBG-130 C Bridge Deck Groover


  • Vacuum - positive displacement with larger vacuum chamber, replaceable filters and easily accessible cleanouts.
  • Rapid blade carriage retracts.
  • Automatic blade coolant.
  • Side mounted removable operator platform.
  • Front and rear pointers.
  • Night operation light package.
  • Automatic kick outs for starting and stopping cut in the same place.
  • Adjustable bogey for independent depth control.
  • Hydraulically driven positive displacement blower with inlet filter and discharge silencer.
  • Slurry pump.
  • Heavy duty pad-eyes on all four corners for crane loading onto bridges with no access.
  • On board 50 gallon fuel tank provides up to 10 hours of operating time.


Engine: : Cummins model 6.7 Cummins turbo-charged diesel with full electronic control and on board diagnostics.195 HP @2000 rpm.
Dimensions: : Length: 2.3 m Cutting Head Width: 1 m max. Height: 3 m, Bladeshaft: 12 cm; Blade Diameter: 30 cm.
Drive Control: : Provided by two hydraulic wheel motor assemblies, each with integral brake and two speed function.
Brakes: : 2 wheel heavy duty disk brakes
Bladeshaft: : Closed loop variable displacement pump and bent
Drive: : axis fixed displacement axial piston motor. Both 90 cc.
Blade Coolant: : Magnetic strainer and water pressure gauge with audible alarm for low pressure and automatic coolant shaft. Pump flow range is infinitely variable up to 181L, with max 5000 PSI.
Function Power: : Axial piston pump for 90 L to control valves.
Instrumentation: : Blade drive pressure gauge, Blade coolant pressure gauge & low pressure alarm, Engine oil pressure gauge (with low pressure shutdown) Engine coolant temperature gauge (with high temperature shutdown), Engine tachometer (max. engine speed = 2100 rpm), Engine voltage meter, Electronic data screen that the operator can preset to read J1939 fault codes and monitor engine parameters (i.e. RPM, water temp, oil pressure, boost pressure, load, engine hours, date/time, etc)