DURATIQ T5 - Single Phase


The DURATIQ 5 is the smallest machine in the DURATIQ series. The DURATIQ 5 is an ultra-compact and powerful grinder for all types of grinding jobs in various types of environments. The machine is equipped with an intuitive digital control panel that provides all the control and precision you need to maximise machine performance. The dust-proof design of the grinding head and electrical enclosure, along with the precision of the heavy duty components, provides high reliability and increased grinding precision. The chassis can be easily separated from the grinding head and weights dismounted prior to transport.

    Some of the great features of DURATIQ T5 are:

  • Ultra-compact size and modular design for optimal ergonomics
  • DURATIQ technology including a digital HMI for maximum control of machine performance
  • The actual heart of the DURATIQ 5, the grinding head, is based on the same innovative technology as the larger models 6 and 8
  • The dust-proof design and precision of the heavy duty components provide high reliability and increased precision for grinding results
  • Optional light kit
Motor Output : 2.2kW
Power Consumption : 15A
Voltage : 1 x 230V
Grinding Pressure : 70kg
Revolution Speed : 360 - 1220 r.p.m
Grinding Discs : 3 x 230mm
Grinding Head Weight : 72kg
Grinding Width : 515mm
Grinding Motor : 1
Recommended Dust : GL25
Extraction System : GL36
Length : 1000mm
Width : 569mm
Height : 720mm
Weight : 122kg
Part NoModelDescription
10999362DURATIQ T5Single Phase Floor Grinder
Watch the Duratiq T5 Information Video here: