SR38 Weka Drill Motor

General Information

  • Powerful water cooled motor.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Compact and light weight.
  • Gear oil bath lubrication, oil pump and strong overload clutch.
  • Splash water proof according to IP55.
  • Simple to use keypad and display, showing drilling diameter and error analysis.
  • Soft turn screw speed for easy core bit assembly.
Voltage :230V
Current :16A
Nominal Power :3.7kW
Output Power :2700W
Speeds :175/45/540/445/880/1370
In Drill Stand :40-400mm
Tool fixture :1 1/4”
Tool Fastening :4 x M8 - 10 x 4.3
Length :500mm
Weight :16.5 kg
DRA400 / DRA500 / BC-2 :DRA400 / DRA500 / BC-2