HTC 400


The HTC 400 is a very powerful grinder with a large grinding disc and high grinding capacity. The grinder is designed for heavy floor prep jobs, grinding away level differences and casting joints, and for quickly removing coatings. The motor and chassis can be easily separated, and the chassis is collapsible for easy handling and transport. The grinder even has a digital time counter.

Name : HTC 400
Motor Output : 4kW
Voltage/Frequency : 400V / 50 Hz
Grinding Pressure : 49kg
Grinding Disc Speed : 1450rpm
Max. Grinding disc width : 400mm
Grinding pressure : 49kg
Drive / Motor : Electric
Length : 1360mm
Width : 470mm
Height : 960mm
Weight : 116kg
Weight grinding head : 34-42kg
Part NoModelDescription
20080706HTC400400mm Grinder
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