HTC 1500 ixT


Functions just as well in large areas as small

The HTC 1500 ixT is a ride-on machine that functions just as well in large areas as small. It rotates 180° on the spot. The machine’s grinding head consists of two modified 650 HDX heads, the grinding width is around 1.4 m and the motors are 11 kW each.

The machine is incredibly effective at grinding large areas in a short time, which means huge time-savings for the client. The HTC 1500 ixT is compact and easy to operate, with a clear, easy-to-understand control panel. It is also silent and has a considered ergonomic design. The machine is electrically-powered, but also has batteries that make transportation easier, as you can drive the machine for loading and unloading. The HTC 1500 ixT is equipped with a Mist Cooler System and has two integrated suction devices that contribute to a better working environment. The grinding head can be raised and lowered which, combined with the EZchange system, makes it easy and convenient to replace tools and saves a lot of time.

If you want an effective machine that strips large areas in a short time and can also work in small areas, provides a professional impression and which you can learn to operate quickly, then the HTC 1500 ixT is the right machine. The HTC 1500 ixT grinds up to 30 m² of HTC Superfloor™ per machine hour.

  • Ride on floor grinder.
  • A machine for large areas that can also strip small areas.
  • Silent machine with ergonomic design.
  • Compact and easy-to-operate; controlled with joysticks.
  • Integrated suction devices.
  • Battery operation for transport, loading and unloading.
  • The grinding head has 2 x 11 kW motors.
  • 40m electrical cable.
  • Grinding width 1.4m.
Name : HTC 950 RX
Motor Output : 2 x 11kW
Power Consumption : Max 63A
Voltage : 400V
Frequency : 50 / 60hz
Grinding Pressure : 450kg
Revolution Speed : 300 - 200r.p.m
Grinding Discs : 8 x 270mm
Grinding Head Weight : 530kg
Grinding Width : 13080mm
Grinding Motor : 2
Water Tank : 24.5L
Recommended Dust Extraction system
Cord Reel : 42m
Suction effect : Auto Dust Extraction
Max Theoretical Airflow : 1000 m3/h
Control System : 2 x 2-way joystick
Suspension : 3D floating system
Wheel Dimension Front : 16” x 4”
Wheel Dimension Rear : 6” x 2”
Propulsion effect : 2 x 1kW
Length : 2600mm
Width : 1450mm
Height : 2000mm
Weight : 1900kg
Part NoModelDescription
TBAHTC 1500 ixTRide on Floor Grinder

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