HD18 High Frequency Core Drill

Core Drilling up to 160mm
  • Very powerful, water-cooled high frequency motor.
  • 3-speed gear with oil bath lubrication and overload clutch.
  • Levelling assistance – by two integrated levels.
  • Tough and reliable design as a result of the full metal housing, compact design.
  • Splash water proof according IP 55; enables the user to drill overhead without any additional provisions.
Nominal Power :3.7kW
Output Power :2800W
Load Speed :630/1400/2900
In Drill Stand :20-160mm
Hand Held :20-100mm
Tool Fixture :1 1/4
Mounting Neck :60mm
Length :375mm
Weight :6.2kg
Part NoModelDescription
20074926HD18HD18 Ring Mounted
20079424FU6 DFU6 D Converter