HCS8 C - Combi Shears

    Equipped with the Shear set the HCS 8 C can cut:

  • Metal pipes.
  • Water lines.
  • Metal framing.
  • Disconnect high-power cables.
  • Wood pieces.
  • Sheet metal.
  • Steel and reinforcing rods up to 18 mm in diameter.

    With its tips the HCS 8 C can:

  • Separate radiators from the wall.
  • Rip out steel and wooden framing.
  • Separate or pick-up previously split concrete pieces.
  • Separate countless other materials.
TypeCutting ForceBraking ForceSeparating forceExpanding width
HCS8 C Shears22tons-5.8ton250mm
HCS8 C Sickle blade19.3tons--90mm
HCS8 B Brick Jaw-3.5ton2.2ton320mm
HCS J Concrete Jaw-7.4ton-170mm
TypeDepth of BreakWeightOverall Length
HCS8 C Shears-14kg720mm
HCS8 C Sickle blade80mm14kg660mm
HCS8 B Brick Jaw105mm14kg795mm
HCS J Concrete Jaw100mm14kg715mm
Part NoModelDescription
10997382HCS8 CCombi-Shears

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