Wall saw FZ-4S***

Cutting depths up to 1005mm.

    Product / User Benefits

  • Guaranteed cutting accuracy even under heavy load due to robust design with gear swivel arm.
  • Easy transport and simple installation thanks to quickly removable main motor.
  • Quick and easy blade change and easier to use for flush cutting due to quick-release flange on swivel arm.
  • Different blade diameters can be used, max. 2200mm.
  • Drive with 40 kW output.

    Fields of Applications

  • Cutting of reinforced concrete, masonry and diverse construction materials.
  • Controlled deconstruction as well as demolition, rebuilding and renovation works in civil engineering.
  • Installation of openings for doors, windows, shafts, etc.
Max. Cutting depth : 1005mm
Max saw blade Ø : 2200mm
Free detachable up to Ø : 1025mm
Blade flange mounting : Quick release flange
Saw blade fixing (flush cuts) : 6 countersunk head screws, 130mm graduated circle
incl. drive motor and 2 feed motors : 47kg
with 2 feed motors only : 39kg
976166 : Motor Complete BS 31ccm/FD
974066 : Leakage oil hose FIRG
10984101 : 1200mm All-in-one WZ/DZ/FZ Blade Guard
965987 : V Track Aluminium feet
976206 : 5pc hose package 8m
975672 : 2pc hose package 8m
10977020 : Tool Box FZ
977334 : Blade Guard holder 2parts for bolt
977606 : 1600mm Blade Guard 2 Part
976184 : 2200mm Blade Guard 2 Part
Part NoModelDescription
999039FZ-4SWall saw head

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