FSE925** Road Saw

  • Electric controller/starter and a large emergency stop button.
  • Strong steel box frame with heavy bar reinforcement.
  • One hand sawing control.
  • Precision electro hydraulic raise and lower system.
  • Forward position motor for more weight at the blade.
  • Frame Lift.
  • Quick disconnect blade flanges.
  • Cutting depth indicator.
  • Telescoping front pointer.

Technical Specifications

Max. Cutting depth : 300/370mm
Max. Saw blade Ø : 750/900mm
No Load saw blade speed : 1550/1375rpm
Saw blade holder : 25.4mm
Drive motor : Electric
Type : Leeson
Output : 19kW / 25HP
Voltage / Frequency : 380V / 50 Hz
Engine Cooling : Air
Feed : Hydraulic
Blade drive : Via V-Belt
Feed Speed : 0-61 m/min
Front pivot
Soft start controller and phase reversing switch
3 Speed gearbox option available
Length : 1169mm
Width : 820mm
Height : 1245mm
Weight : 642/647kg
Part NoModelDescription
10991194FSG92525hp Road Saw