FLOOR SAW CC1823XL-S-24***

Cutting depth up to 245mm


  • Self Propelled Saw.
  • Manual cutting depth adjustment.
  • Self aligning blade shaft bearings.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Cutting depth indicator.
  • Tool cooling using Water fork.
  • Left and right side cutting.
  • Lifting hook comes standard.

Technical Data

Engine : 23hp Briggs Petrol
Max. Blade size : 600mm
Max. Depth of cut : 245mm
Blade speed : 2600 rpm
Blade arbor : 25.4mm
Length : 1219mm
Width : 559mm
Height : 1066mm
Weight : 209kg
Part NoModelDescription
20047991CC1823XL-S-2423hp Self Propelled Floor Saw