DK23 Weka Drill Motor

General Information

  • High quality standards with maximum efficiency.
  • Designed for steady and professional use.
  • 3 speed change gearbox.
  • Oil-bath lubrication allows for high durability.
  • Overload clutch protection for the operator as well as for the machine.
  • Shaft Protection Sleeve.
  • Levelling aid.
  • Metal casing allows the drill to be thermally and mechanically stable.
Nominal Power :2.3kW
Output Power :1870W
Load Speed :320/630/950 rpm
In Drill Stand :15-250mm
Tool fixture :1 1/4" UNC
Mounting :Universal Plate
Length :490mm
Weight :11.6 kg
DRU250 / DRA400 :DRU250 / DRA400