Circular wire saw SK-SL

Circular cuts of Ø 500mm – 2500mm

    Product / User Benefits

  • Replaces expensive, heavy large hole drills
  • Safe to use thanks to concealed wires
  • Easy to use thanks to well thought-out design
  • Hydraulic or electric drive
  • Suitable for additional wall saw, wire saw, circular wire saw and drilling work by means of modular expansion system consisting of main motor, controller and remote control.

    General Information

  • Standard hydraulic drive motor
  • Wire can be easily inserted and tensioned
  • Flexible water supply

Technical Data

Wire length for holes diameter 500mm (100mm Thickness) : 4m
Wire length for holes diameter 2,5000mm (600mm thickness) : 6.2m
Wire Ø, sintered : 11mm
Wire Ø, galvanic : 10mm
Hydraulic motor GR2
1 drive roll Ø200mm (180)
Diverter rolls Ø200mm (180)
Wire fed from wire store using electric motor
Output 16A : 8kW
Output 32A : 17kW
Voltage : 400V
Frequency : 50Hz / 60Hz
Weight : 22kg
Weight : 122kg