CC-190PRO EE **

  • Solid steel frame.
  • Durable steel guide.
  • Self propelled drive.
  • Lifting hook.
  • Max cutting depth of 90mm with a 350mm blade.
  • Upcut design to keep slurry from going back in the cut.
  • Self aligning blade shaft bearings.
  • Easy access to battery with heavy duty battery isolator switch to prevent battery drain.
  • Spring loaded skid plate that keeps it down on the surface.
Max. Cutting depth : 90mm
Max. Saw blade Ø : 350mm
No Load saw blade speed : 3000rpm
Saw blade holder Ø : 25.4mm
Drive motor : Petrol
Type : Honda GX630
Output : 22kW / 20.8HP
Engine Cooling : Air
Blade drive : Via V-Belt
Length : 944.6mm
Width : 647.7mm
Height : 1690.9mm
Weight : 190.5kg
Part NoModelDescription
10996923CC-190PRO-EE20.8hp Early Entry Saw

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