TYROLIT at Cutting PRO 2017

Posted on 04 September 2017

In the last week of February, the best European professional users lined up against one another in competiton, in the ultimate fightout to see who was the best at concrete sawing and drilling. With 26 national champions from 14 countries competing for victory in the "TYROLIT Cutting Pro Competition" for the Championship title in wall sawing, core drilling and hand sawing, transforming Congress Innsbruck into a seething kettle of concrete and adrenaline. After an international qualifying period lasting almost three years, the championship title reached its explosive climax yesterday evening. It was a tight race but Darius Janulis from Norway was victorius and named the "TYROLIT Cutting Pro Competition European Champion 2017" with Martin Sponring from Austria placing second and Jan Läderach from Switzerland placing third.