Successful Salvage of Shipwreck in Norway

Posted on 28 November 2019

During a heavy autumn storm in September 2018, the ship M/S Osfjord went on ground outside the coast of Trøndelag in Norway. The Norwegian company Kristiansand Bygg was chosen to salvage the shipwreck. From the beginning, they consulted TYROLIT, as we already had experience from similar projects.

Location: Trøndelag in Norway

Job: Kristiansand Bygg cut the wreck into eight pieces by using a wire saw, in order to load the parts of the ship onto a barge and bring them ashore.


- Due to the very bad weather forecast, it was crucial to carry out the order as soon as possible.
- It had also to be taken care to not pollute the sea with contaminated residues


- TYROLIT diamond saw wire DWH-S
- Wire saw from the Italian machine manufacturer Benetti
- TYROLIT wall saw FZ-4S

Project Time: 26 days