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Posted on 11 April 2019

The WSE1621 wall saw was developed for universal and daily use on construction sites. Thanks to the new digital features and the light compact design this newly developed system is setting new and higher standards in wall sawing. Assembling and dismantling is done in an instant thanks to the ultra light blade guard and tool free motor fastening. The radio remote control comes a display showcasing all the important information that the user needs during cutting.The game changing P2® technology allows for the outstanding reliability combined with optimised power. Unlike competitors wall saws this wall saw is designed to be interchangeable with the WCU17 Wire Saw making it more economically priced. The interchangeable equipment allows the motor to be used in more then one application on the construction site.

This wire saw was designed with extra storage and a long stroke for maximum use and applications, for a maximum structure size of 12.6m. Thanks to the innovative damping system and adjustable feed with wire conserving ‘smooth start’, allows for optimal control of any application. The wire saw, consisting of only three ergonomically optimised main components, making assembly time in less then a minute and allowing for the wire saw to be placed directly on any object that needs to be cut. Wire guidance is simple and intuitive. The expandable modular system can be driven both electronically as well as hydraulically by means of add on kits. As stated this wire saw is designed to be interchangeable with the WSE1621 wall saw making it more economically priced.