Kennards Hire Awards

Posted on 20 August 2018

In the first week of April, Cam and Phil were invited to the Kennards Hire Suppliers Award Night. The awards are held every two years, and is the second time Tyrolit Australia has been invited and included in their awards program.

The awards are catagorised by the Kennards Hires values. Sending a survey to all 150 branch managers, 2IC’s, the area managers, and all Kennards mid to high management including the leadership group.

At the awards night Tyrolit Australia took out 5 of 7 possible awards.

Winning Gold for ‘Customer service’, Gold for being ‘Fair dinkum’ (basically doing what we say we will do) and Gold in ‘Taking Hire Higher’ Award (helping support Kennards company be the best).

We also won Silver for the ‘One family’ award (being genuine to the support and growth of Kennards Hire) as well as Silver in the category of ‘Every customer a raving fan” (product tech support to the customer).

Tyrolit Australia smashed the awards nights, with others stating that they could not believe how many awards we won and that they have never before seen one company take away so many awards in one night.

Tyrolit Australia takes great pride in our work and the building of a great relationship with the Kennards Hire crew and we are honoured to have recieved such awards.