"No blisters and no dramas" - TYROLIT Customers are delighted with the new HTC START & GRIND Range!

Posted on 11 March 2020

We recently caught up with Steve Nagy from Ultrafloor, one of TYROLIT's customers that had recently purchased a HTC 280. We love hearing from our customers and regularly catch up with them to ensure that they are delighted with their machines.

"My new HTC280 came ready for action. On the first 2 days, I ground back 114m2 of several layers of paint and an old spray-on paving surface to expose clean white concrete. Mitch from TYROLIT Brisbane was invaluable with his advice on diamond choice. We ended up using only HALF of a set of 3 shoes on the machine, a massive cost saving. I have found the HTC diamonds to be cheaper, better cutting and longer lasting. This was a 3 way cost reduction for us!

The HTC280 performed fuss free and ran smooth and easy. No blisters and no dramas. 11.75 hours on the hour counter, for a job with very tight access in places, was awesome and we only used $120 worth of diamonds!

HTC280 = PROFIT !"

- Steve Nagy, Ultrafloor Australia