Building Better Bridges

Posted on 12 April 2019

As the principal road link between Melbourne and Adelaide, the Western Highway (A8) serves interstate trade between Victoria and South Australia. A key transport corridor to Victoria’s western district and one of Victoria’s busiest rural highways, thousands of cars travel on this stretch of road making it vital that it be upgraded. As part of this upgrade, there was the need to strengthen a major highway bridge crossing a major rail line connecting South Australia and Victoria. It was vital that the work be undertaken in a small period of time and with little disruption to the busy traffic.

The proposal required that a new bridge deck be placed on top of the old one, but first the existing plinths and barriers needed to be removed, whilst keeping the traffic flowing through one lane.
Power Concrete Cutting Melbourne were contacted by their client to remove the bridge plinth and barrier on both sides of the Highway, with work being carried out in two stages to allow traffic to pass in both directions. Power Concrete Cutting Melbourne were required to cut 800mm deep horizontally and approximately 25mm off the bridge deck. Initial work involved core drilling 30mm diameter holes to 450mm deep with a rebate 60mm diameter to 230mm deep; these holes supplied the bolts for a safe work platform.

Power Concrete Cutting’s solution was to carry out this project using the Tyrolit WSE2226 26kW wallsaw to cut the plinth and abutment, and Husqvarna K970 to cut into short lengths. With the wall saw’s power and 1000mm cutting depth, this was the ultimate choice for the wall saw project. Removal was carried out by crane truck, as access was very limited.

All work was completed on time, with little traffic disruption. This overjoyed the client, who was immensely pleased with the results of the new deck and the new barriers installed.